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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Martha Bloomengrow...Thyme to Garden-Boyds Bears Bearstone #227748 *

$24.99 $32.99

Martha, host of her own gardening series on Bear TV, spends most of her time clippin' posies in her 2.5 acre English garden. On a Saturday morn, you'll find her at her garden bench - transplantin', fertilizin', and smellin' the sweet fragrance around her! Our Martha Bloomengrow is a must-have for Springtime decoratin' - we put alotta detail into this Bearstone piece. Martha's outfit includes a smock - the first time we've created for a Bearstone! And she's surrounded by a ton of garden accessories and flowers - pansies; morning glories; terra cotta pots; seeds; spring birds; and sacks of basil, thyme, and rosemary (stored behind the bench!).

Item Number: 227748

Introduced: April 2001

Height: 4.25"

Materials: cold cast resin

Poseable: No

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: No

Edition Size: 6000

Quote: "Everyone likes to be touched with affection - even Mother Earth." - Unknown

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