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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Huck, Zach and Mandy-Boyds Bears #919811 BBC Exclusive Set *

$54.99 $69.99

Available only at our Spring and Summer gift shows, this special Americana piece features three bears inspired by our popular Bearstone "Huck with Mandy, Zoe and Zack...Rollin' Along". Huck, a 10" mocha bear, is dressed in a striped cotton shirt and denim overalls with Texas flag logo. His little bear cubs, coffee chenille Zack and mixed gold Mandy, are also dressed in patriotic threads and are carried along in a sturdy wooden wagon!

Item Number: 919811

Introduced: April 2002

Materials: plush fur with poly fillin'

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired

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