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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Melville and Sonny...Mine's Bigger Than Yours-Boyds Bears Fishing Fisherman Bearstone #227744 *

$27.99 $32.99

It's 6 a.m., the sun is just startin' to peek above the horizon, the birds are chirpin' - it's time to go FISHIN'! Melville and Sonny headed to the lake early to get a head start. Good decision, 'cause the fish are bitin'! This is the first Bearstone figurine in a boat - and mixed media, taboot! We rigged the fishing poles with real line and fish attachments, placed accessories everywhere, and created the look of real lake water with clear resin (pretty nifty, huh?!). A great gift for fathers and sons or your best fishing buddy!



Item Number: 227744

Introduced: April 2001

Height: 4.50"

Materials: cold cast resin

Poseable: No

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: No

Edition Size: 6000

Quote: "I never lost a little fish - yes, I am free to say, it always was the biggest fish I caught that got away." - Eugene Field "A man wants to protect his son, wants to teach him the things he, the father, has learned or thinks he has learned." - William Carlos Williams



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