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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Mrs. Appleton, Chatterbox and Tad-Boyds Bears #C24872 QVC Exclusive ***RARE*** *


Before ya know it, school bells will be ringing! Go back to school with Mrs. Appleton, Chatterbox and Tad, a QVC™ Exclusive set that comes complete with a miniature reproduction of an antique school desk in real cast iron and oak with pencil tray and inkwell! Mrs. Appleton is a 14"H, fully jointed, poly filled rust bear in a blue, white and burgundy plaid dress and burgundy sweater. Talky student Chatterbox is an 8"H, fully jointed, poly and bean filled; mixed gold bear in blue overalls with red stitching and metal paw buttons. Completing the set are Chatterbox's lil' frog buddy, 2" H Tad, a 1"H red plush apple for the teacher...and a writing assignment for Chatterbox. Maybe he should have given Mrs. Appleton the apple before he got caught talkin'!  Introduced in 2005, retired.

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