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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Boomer and Toot with Fifi, Squirt & Topper...Let the Show Begin-Boyds Bears Bearstone #227808 *

$39.99 $44.99

This Delightful Boyds piece is from the Bearstone Collection.

This piece, appropriately named "Boomer and Toot with Fifi, Squirt, And Topper...Let The Show Begin" is style #227808 and was made in 2000. The bottom of this piece reads "Begin at the beginning...and go on till you come to the end; then stop...Lewis Carroll." This is a Limited Edition piece that was released from January 1,2001 to December 31, 2001.

Time ta pitch the circus tent and start poppin' some popcorn. The Boyds Circus has come to town, and we're kickin' off our "Second Greatest Circus on Earth" with a parade complete with drum and bugle corp, balancing poodle, and lead elephant (who's givin' a free ride to ringmaster Topper McNibble - whose cousin, Giggle, stars in our F.o.B. Circus Tent Treasure Box!). We pulled out all the stops for our Bearstone Limited Edition piece. For the first time evah, we've included an elephant in a Bearstone piece (we're makin' history, baby!). And get a load of the detail: our blue circus banner is suspended from real string, the "cobblestone street" took a ton of time to piece together, and we added a touch of sparkle throughout to capture the magic of the circus. A must-have for collectors who've joined our F.o.B. club for 2001 and wish to collect the entire Boyds Circus Parade or create their own unique circus scene!



Item Number: 227808

Introduced: April 2001

Height: 4"

Width: 6.75"

Materials: cold cast resin

Poseable: No

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: Yes

Edition Size: Limited to 12 pieces per dealership

Quote: "Begin at the beginning...and go on till you come to the end: then stop." - Lewis Carroll


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