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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Elves-B-Us Workshop-Boyds Bears Kringles Village #19034 *


Item #19034


Introduced: 2001


Materials: cold cast resin


Status: retired


Kringles Village

Introduction: 2001

Bearly-Built Villages

cold cast resin

6in H


Elves-B-Us is a 24-hour operation run by Kringle's right hand bear, Yuletide, who invented a special Easy Bake System to pump out products. Folks can hear the electric generator buzzin' day and night to power the device, which runs on cogs, pulleys, and thingamajigs, and spits out finished Stuff from Toy Dough. Folks line up outside to watch the cuties move down the conveyor belt and get drop-tested into carts that load up Kringle's Sleigh. Today's drop shipment? Rubber Duckies! In the back of the factory buildin'-totally candy cane construction, folks- is an outlet shop, where seconds are sold to the locals (All Sales Final!). Outside the lawn is littered with bags of Sugar, Spice, and everything Nice (Kringle's secret Toy Dough ingredients); Gumdrops (you bite 'em, you bought 'em); Hickory Switches; and even a pile of Rotten Kids Coal, shoveled fresh from the bin. Inside, Yuletide, warmed by a potbelly stove, keeps busy at his work table, painting and packaging dollies for Kringle's next run, while out by the coal pile, Alphonse snatches a few lumps to put in cousin Susie's stocking!


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