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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

The Boyds Town Cathedral-Boyds Bears Resin #19026 *

$49.99 $94.99

The Boyds Town Cathedral


Description: Item # 19026


Missed mass a time or two? Shame on you! Well, head on over to The Boyds Town Cathedral and go straight for the confessional! The massive stone structure was built in the early days by Wild Bear and his buddies. They were inspired by someFrench bears passin' thru the area, who happened to build Gothic Cathedrals back in Paree! It's got all the makins of the European originals-columns, flyin' buttresses (hey, watch yer language!), steeples, stone walls, stained glass, and even Beargoyles and Putis (cupids, silly) carved in bas-relief. The masterpiece of the place is that large rose window in the front-took 20 glasscutters ten years to piece it together! Today, all the candles are lit and the incense burnin' for the wedding of the season...


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