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Boyds Bears Store

Boyds Bears Store

Leo Roarsmore with Itty, Bitty & Squish...Split Personality-Boyds Bears Kitty Cat #371056 *


Leo Roarsmore with Itty, Bitty & Squish...Split Personality


Item # 371056

"A part of the Circus theme for 2001, Leo is dreaming of a circus life. Although he's just a house cat, he's hoping that, in his lion suit disguise, he'll wow the crowd! Leo is a bit on the lazy side - he's making Itty, Bitty, and Squish pull him in a circus cart. Check out Leo as he reads up on cat traits in "Getting in Touch with Your Ferocious Side."


Makes a memorable gift or a great addition to your own Boyds Bearstones collection  Retired.


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