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Alexis Berriman-Boyds Bears Snow Queen #912022 *

"The Snow Queen of Boyds' best bears, our regal Alexis is a member of White Russian Exile from the wintry Siberian steppes she so loves. She brought the entire Berriman clan to our shores (Lucky us!) and they've been Quite Successful in all their ventures. Alexis herself is a Designer of Outerwear...who better to know what can keep you warm in the winter than a Russian Bear? Her fashions are turning heads and getting Rave Reviews in ""Bearzarre"" and the other Bearwear Fashion magazines. Where can we get her stuff in People Sizes?!

Item Number: 912022
Introduced: October 1998
Height: 16""
Materials: plush fur with polyfill stuffing
Poseable: Yes
Status: Retired"

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