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Brigitte Beardeaux & Oliver-Boyds Parisian Bears #4038158 *

Item #4038158

Introduction: Summer 2013

Boyds Plush

Polyester Blend

14in H



Parisans like the good things in life...meeting friends at cafes, visiting trendy bars and clubs, relaxing on the terrace with a morning cup of espressos, and shopping in the most charming shops in the world - which just happens to be Brigitte Beardeaux's favorite pastime. Dressed to the nines, she and her little pooch pass patrons on the street and share "bonjours" with everyone she passes by. Brigitte is dressed in red leggings with a trendy black and white striped (leather) belted shirt, and a matching headband and faux leather shoes. Her shoes feature faux fur trim to match her faux fur pocketbook with gold chain strap. Look for this haute bear on the streets in the fashion center of the world...and when you see her don't forget to give her 4 kisses on the cheek, it's typical of the city and a mark of friendship!

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