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Carinna ...Guardian of Kindness-Boyds Bears Resin Charming Angel #28231

Carinna ...Guardian of Kindness  # 28231. A golden charm comes separately with each angel. Resin figurine. 2003 is gowned in rich green that lightens to white at the top. The golden trim wraps the sleeves and neck. There is light green on her acrylic wings. She is kneeling; her hands hold a nest with a bird. She has a green and gold wreath on her head. Her light brown hair flows gently around her. Boyds' quality all the way! Zoom in to see all of the beautiful gown details. This figure measures 4 in. tall Retired 

Bottom Quote: "Little deeds of kindness, little wonders of love, make our earth an Eden like the heaven above." -Julia A Fletcher Carney

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