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Celeste Angeltrust with Hope-Boyds Bears #900101 BBC LTD ED *

"Celeste Angeltrust is the guardian angel of the past, the present, and the future...a be-oo-tiful snow-white angel bear who helps us to remember the good ol' days, inspires us in the present day, and sets the groundwork to make our futures bright! Celeste, with her quilted satin wings, Boyds Bear Paw Button, and flowing velvet robe of royal blue, symbolizes the present, while the baby angel bear she cuddles in her arms represents the future. And what of the past, you ask? Included with this limited edition plush piece is a hinged resin pocket watch, a symbol of times gone by and days way back when that we recall with fondness. Wanna lil' inspiration? Place Celeste in a quiet spot...and watch as she works her magic in yer life!
Item Number: 900101
Introduced: October 2001
Height: 16""
Materials: plush fur with poly stuffin'
Poseable: Yes
Status: Retired"

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