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Indy-Boyds Bears Puppy Dog #91757-14

Indy-Boyds Bears Puppy Dog #91757-14

There's no better place to send yer Dog's nose a-sniffin' than the Great Outdoors...and boy is Indy havin a Dog'on good time! Sporting a camp sweater in blue, Edmund's faithful friend is smellin' it all...from the Flowers and Trees to the Lake and Fields...even the Outhouse (Every camp's gotta have one...sorree!). Ya can usually spot him chasing butterflies and ladybugs for da "Goils" to catch. What a pal! 



Vital Statistics 


Item Number: 91757-14 

Introduced: April 2000 

Height: 5" 

Materials: plush fur with polyfill stuffing 

Poseable: Yes 

Status: Retired 

Limited Edition: No 

Edition Size: Limited to 6 months' production 




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