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Lil' Missy Muffet & Spider-Boyds Bears #91778

Lil' Missy Muffet & Spider-Boyds Bears #91778

Lil' Missy was sittin' on her tuffet, just mindin' her own business and enjoyin' a big ol' bowl of curds and whey. And then this nasty lil' spider came along beside her and demanded a sample of the sweet stuff. What's a bear to do? Share a bit of porridge with the poor ol' spider and make a new friend! Our beige bear is dressed in a lace-trimmed hat, a matching lace-trimmed dress, and pantaloons and comes with her very own spider companion! 

Height: 10"

Introduced: 2002

Item #91778

Materials: plush

Poseable: yes

Status: retired

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