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Marie B Bearlove with Lynette-Boyds Bears #912626

Marie B. Bearlove is a rust bear wearin' a soft Sage corduroy dress and the perfect topper...a Floppy hat with a humongeous pastel Pink Rose...a favorite flower for mothers everywhere! Mom's quite lucky to have Marie for a companion - as a Green Thumb extraordinare, Marie grows puhlenty of flowers (like the one in her hat) to fill the vases she's received from all the other years of bein' the World's Bestest Mom(per Lynette!)

Bearly a cub, little Lynette Bearlove is not quite able to scamper to the Corner Store to get her mamma some candies or even a lovely card...she can, however, still show her that she's the Best. On this special day, she's gonna get all dressed up (just like Mom!) and sorta take over...givin' mamma a day to Relax?! Mom won't have to cook or clean all day long (but tomorrow she'll have to replace all the Broken Dishes and Eggs that her little one tried so hard to attend to!) That's all us mothers know - It's the thought that counts

Item Number: 918433/912626

Introduced: April 2000

Height: 14" & 6"

Materials: plush fur with polyfill and bean stuffing

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired

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