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Patty Cake Bakesalot & Patty Cake w/Lil Betty-Boyds Bears Baking FOB 2013 Kit #02013-15 *

"Boyds F.o.B. Club Kit 2013
The Baking F.o.B.'s
Item #02013-15
Bringing the aroma of tasty treats and memories from the kitchen...
the 2013 Baking F.o.B. Club Kit was created to tempt yer taste buds and whip up some delicious fun!
This delicious 2013 Club Kit is filled with loads of yummy goodies, includin':
Betty Bakesalot, (pictured above), an 8"" golden baker whose red-checked apron features a navy embroidered paw print pocket.
Lil' Betty, a resin helper who has always got the perfect recipe, and
Chef Nutmeg, an adorable magnetic baker bear who is at home in any kitchen he finds."

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