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Remembrance Y Angelflyte...Time Flies-Boyds Bears Wee Folkstone Faeries #36004

Item #36004



Status: retired

Wee Folkstone.....Faeries Collection

"Remembrance Y. Angelflyte... Time Flies" The Angel of Moments A gentle reminder that Time Flies...a sweet-faced little angel seated on a Cloud with a Pocket Watch in her lap and tiny Clocks on her Winged Shoes...despite the Eleventh Hour, she's making time to Slow Down and Have Fun. She likes to sit on Clocks, by Calendars, and on In-Boxes because she's especially good at Deadline Stretching and helping you to "Prioritize"...fitting in time for the Fun Stuff...her Special Gift is the art of Savoring the Moment. Favorite Quote "There is always time for everything." Thomas Edison

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