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Scratch-N-Patch...North Pole Hospital-Boyds Bears Kringles Village #19032 *

"Item #19032
Introduced:  2001
Materials:  cold cast resin
Status: retired
Kringles Village
Introduction: 2001
Bearly-Built Villages
cold cast resin
5.5in H
Slipped on the ice? Got bitten by the frost? Bumped yer head on a Gumdrop? Then head on over to the Scratch-N-Patch...North Pole Hospital, a health care clinic that doesn't try to sugarcoat yer diagnosis! Ya can't miss it...just follow the flag with the pink heart! There's only one nurse at The North Pole, so folks know they gotta take a number and stand in line (you can speed things up if you have yer Elf-M-O Insurance Card ready when ya get to the front desk!). While yer waitin', why not sample the powdered sugar snow on the ground or pull a few candy canes and lollipops off the siding (don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from!)? The hospital can take care of just about any ailment and even deals in specialized medicine...just check out the Frost Bite Clinic or the Hoof-N-Mouth Doctor's office. Got hurt real bad and don't have time to stand in line? The Scratch-N-Patch can heliport ya from yer home right to the roof or, if yer able-bodied, you can go straight through the emergency room doors, plop in a wheelchair, and help yerself! Today, Ms. Kringle the nurse is inside carin' for Susie, who's come down with a nasty case of Freezer Burn...hopin' the hot water soak will thaw her frozen paws!"

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