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Meridian Wishkabibble-Boyds Bears #90500

Meridian Wishkabibble-Boyds Bears #90500

Meridian Wishkabibble

Item #90500


Introduction: 2001

Fashion Families

plush fur with polyfil stuffin'

12in H




Meridian, the momma of the Wishkabibble clan, is proud to be judgin' the pie contest at this year's County Fair. She's dressed for taste testing in a sleeveless cotton dress (brand new fabric for Boyds!), and a luvely straw hat (wove it herself!). She carries her own embroidered canvas bag (just in case she sees a few goodies she wants to take home!). She comes with her own storybook - Chapter 2 in the Wishkabibble saga!


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